Tuesday, April 29, 2014

StoryJumper --- Digital Publishing Tool

Recently a 3rd grade teacher asked me about using StoryJumper as a way create digital storybooks for her students' fairy tale writing they had been working on during Writer's Workshop.  Even though we had not used the tool before, we found it very easy to set-up and also easy for students to navigate.  In the past, I had used tools such as Little Bird Tales and Story Bird.  Although I like these tools, I believe that StoryJumper is the best choice for students who have already written the story and then are looking for a way to digitally publish with an easy to use layout, backgrounds, and a plethora of props to enhance their story.

StoryJumper Classroom Account
StoryJumper also allows teachers to set up a classroom account.  The classroom account allows teachers to pre-load their students.  When students are ready to begin creating their stories, they simply go to the login page and type in their class code to gain access.  Teachers then have access to all student stories and are able to moderate progress and provide feedback along the way.

Working on StoryJumper at Home
Using the classroom account, students are only able to work on their story at school when their teacher has "started" the class session.  If you would like to allow students to access and work on their books at home, parents will need to set-up a "Home Account."  The instructions for parents to follow to get the home account are easy and can be printed off each students.  Some of the benefits of creating a home account are:
  • More time to work on their stories at home (their home account is linked with their school account)
  • Keep their stories after the school year ends (otherwise, students who don't create Home Accounts can't access their stories after school ends)
  • Parents can enjoy their child's stories
  • Parents can purchase a hard copy of their child's book for $25.95 (must be at least 16 pages)

Sharing Your StoryJumper Book
You can share your StoryJumper book with anyone by simply clicking the "Share" button when you are finished with your book.  By default, your book is shared with "only me." If you would like to share with others, click on "Friends & Family" to receive a link that can be sent via email.

StoryJumper is a great digital publishing tool. Below I have included a short tutorial video that was created for younger students.  The video is great, but I suggest you just sign up for an account and discover StoryJumper's simplicity for yourself!



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