Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Utilizing Parent Volunteers...Digitally!

Parent volunteers.  Let's face it, some teachers are luckier than others when it comes to parent volunteers.  Some have a plethora of parents and struggle to find ways to utilize them, while some teachers struggle to get a single parent volunteer for the classroom at all.  This can vary from school to school--and even from year to year in the same school.  

One commonality I heard in my classroom in my nine years of teaching was that while I couldn't always get someone in my classroom to help out or spend time with the kids due to work schedules, I ALWAYS had a handful of parents that wanted to help, or wished they could be involved in their child's education in SOME way.  

Enter Stage Right:  Digital Parent Volunteers!  After visiting a  third grade classroom and seeing this in action--the idea sounds so simple...yet so extraordinary! This teacher had a group of parents that wanted to volunteer, but couldn't make it to school during the daytime hours, so she started using them as Digital Volunteers for her students' blogs!  The parents could help out by responding to blog posts and providing quality feedback to students...which in turn gave her students an authentic audience!  Win-Win!  She and her colleague have a page on their website dedicated to instructing parent volunteers how to sign-up and guidelines to follow for quality comments.

Check it out at here!

What are some ways you use or are thinking about using parents digitally?  Comment below!

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